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Our boating courses help you with

what you have to know:
  • Boating 1: PCOC (2 nights)
  • VHF Maritime Radio (2 nights)

what you should know:
  • Boating 2: Beyond the PCOC (5 weeks)
  • Boating 3: Intro to Navigation (6 weeks)
what you want to know:
  • Boat & Engine maintenance (11 weeks)
  • Weather for Boaters (7 weeks)
what you might like to know:
  • Boating 4: Seamanship (12 weeks)
  • Boating 5: Advanced Piloting (12 weeks)

"Welcome Aboard!"

Canadian Power and Sail Squadrons are volunteer organizations dedicated to enhancing boating enjoyment and safety through training. The Halifax Squadron serves the Halifax, Bedford and St. Margaret's Bay areas of Nova Scotia, Canada.

News & Events

Courses: Courses beginning in October

Posted by Education Department on 2017-10-10 09:24:34 ADT

The following Halifax Squadron courses begin the week of October 16th

- Boating 4: Near Shore Marine Navigation Level 1: Tuesdays, beginning Oct 17, 6:30 pm to 9:00 pm (12 weeks)
For graduates of the introductory navigation course (whether Boating 3, Intro to navigation, or its previous incarnation, Boating Essentials). In Boating 4:
- In chart work, students learn to apply the DR plot, use bearings, fixes, running fixes, plotting and labeling in both True and Magnetic. Traditional navigation, GPS fixes and Way Points are explored, along with the introduction of Deviation. These charting skills will be applied in several homework cruises and in the take-home cruise examination.
- The course also explores the skills needed to understand and deal with the hazards of weather, wind, waves, tides and tidal currents. And since unforeseen circumstances can arise at sea, such as man-overboard, vessel fires, or medical emergencies, the Seamanship course tackles the skills required for dealing with such potentially life-threatening situations.

- Boat and Engine Maintenance: Mondays, beginning October 16, 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm (11 weeks)
- Keep the water on the other side of the wall! From spark plugs to bottom paint, this course covers all the basics for “do-it-yourself” boaters.
- BEM will equip you with the knowledge required to prevent onboard problems, carry out specialized tasks and tackle both short-term troubleshooting as well as long-term boat care. It features practical information and handy tips suitable for both new and existing boat owners. The dream of owning, maintaining and using your own boat without great expense can be achieved through the completion of the Boat & Engine Maintenance Course

- Marine Electrical Maintenance: Thursdays, beginning October 19, 7:00 to 9:00 pm (8-10 weeks)
- Learn the ins and outs of your boat's electrical systems. Gain the confidence to tackle direct current, shore power and communications installations. MEM covers: Boat electrical wiring practices; Direct Current (DC) power and Alternating Current (AC) power; Galvanic and stray current corrosion; Lightning protection; Troubleshooting electrical problems; How to use a multimeter; How to solder and crimp; How to read electrical wiring diagrams.

Sign up and register at the Squadron Calendar. Scroll to the course of your choice and click on the Title. At the bottom of the ensuing page, see the box entitled "Sign-up". By clicking on the appropriate "Register Online" link, you get the secure page in which to enter your information. Or, to reserve your spot and pay at the first class, contact the Squadron Education Officer.

Courses: 2017-18 courses

Posted by Education Department on 2017-09-25 12:00:46 ADT

The list of upcoming courses, starting October and continuing through the Spring, 2018, is now available. Note that the program will be updated in January to also reflect the schedule of VHF courses that will begin in February....


Courses: ROC(M) certification

Posted by Education Department on 2017-09-14 06:41:32 ADT

ROC-M with DSC courses will be scheduled in late January, 2018.
In the meantime, Halifax and surrounding area residents who urgently need it can get their marine VHF radio certification through the Self-study option


General: Boating with an iPad/iPhone

Posted by Admin on 2013-03-12 22:29:46 ADT

Here is a list of the apps and equipment discussed in the presentation given on January 30th, 2013. read more...

General: Phone & Tablet Apps

Posted by Admin on 2013-03-12 22:14:15 ADT

Check out this link from our US Squadron counterparts: Apps for Boaters. Lots of useful apps for your iPhone and Android devices. The link will remain in our Links and Tools section for future reference.

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