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Our boating courses help you with

what you have to know:
  • Boating 1: PCOC (2 nights)
  • VHF Maritime Radio (2 nights)

what you should know:
  • Boating 2: Beyond the PCOC (5 weeks)
  • Boating 3: Intro to Navigation (6 weeks)
what you want to know:
  • Boat & Engine maintenance (11 weeks)
  • Weather for Boaters (7 weeks)
what you might like to know:
  • Boating 4: Seamanship (12 weeks)
  • Boating 5: Advanced Piloting (12 weeks)

Volunteer with CPS-ECP

Canadian Power & Sail Squadron Welcomes Volunteers!

CPS-ECP is an organization that depends on thousands of dedicated volunteers to achieve its objectives to increase awareness of marine safety and provide training in safe boating practices. Volunteers are involved because they believe in the CPS-ECP purpose and enjoy a sense of accomplishment and personal satisfaction from their contributions working with others.

Who are our volunteers?
They are people with a variety of skills and talents who share a common interest in boating and want to promote safe boating to others while enjoying the benefits volunteering brings.

Our volunteers are active across the country in a variety of meaningful ways:

  • Some volunteers devote their time to classroom instruction or support
  • Some use their leadership skills by taking on positions in squadrons, districts, or at the national level
  • Some use their written skills to write newsletters, articles, or other communication pieces
  • Some use their creative skills to create displays and promotional materials
  • Some use their skills in coordinating or organizing events and activities
  • Some use their technical skills to create and maintain websites
  • Some volunteer on a regular, on-going basis, and others help out when they can, or for certain activities.

There's a place for all CPS-ECP members to contribute. If you

  • Are a current member of CPS-ECP
  • Want to make a difference and feel a sense of accomplishment and involvement
  • Believe in the practice of safe boating
  • Want to meet and connect with others in the boating community
  • Want to share your knowledge and experience
  • Want to use your skills in a productive way
  • Are interested in learning new skills

then you are encouraged to volunteer with CPS-ECP.

CPS-ECP is changing, updating, and redesigning its structure and we welcome members who have enthusiasm and will bring new ways of thinking, new processes, and fresh ideas to the organization.

How to get involved?
If volunteering with CPS-ECP at the squadron, district or at the national level appeals to you, we'd love to hear from you.

  • Send the Halifax Squadron Commander an
  • Contact your district at
  • Complete the volunteer form and we will contact you directly

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